Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet Rachel


This is the official blog of Rachel from Coasting Along, an Etsy shop selling, you might have guessed, coasters. But not to worry; this will not merely be a forum for shameless self-promotion (though there will be some of that as well.)

This is also meant to act as a round-up blog of sorts. A place to come to see what's going on in the world of design. There will be lists of the week's giveaways in blogland, current motifs and items I'm digging, and of course shout outs to Etsy shops that I think are offering some really neat stuff. There will also be the occasional wedding-related post as well as personal posts regarding any DIY projects I have going on around the apartment.

Eventually, I hope to host my own giveaways as well as featuring artist interviews with some of the very talented people out there.

And a few quick notes about me - my introduction to the burgeoning world of handmade businesses and DIY came about due to the collision of two specific events: engagement and unemployment. When wedding bells were decidedly in my future, I began browsing the bridal blogs. Of course, we are in a recession, so for the most part DIY is in, costly overproduction is out. Also thanks to the recession, the typical avenues to earning a paycheck were yielding nothing. And from that mixture of joy and disappointment, my coaster shop was born, as was my obsession with design blogs.

My hope is that you will enjoy what's on offer here as much as I enjoy posting about it.


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