Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Keeping Finds

Recently myself and the hubby-to-be were out doing the obligatory registering for wedding items, and we kept coming across cheesy clocks. Believe it or not, we don't own any clocks other than one digital alarm, so if we aren't in the bedroom, we are at the mercy of the sun to know what time of day it is. And none of the generic store-bought clocks were doing it for me. So here are a couple better ones, and they are handmade to boot.

How adorable would this one be for a kitchen? From Faire Houre, this is a limited edition made from repurposed ceramic.

Tend to change your mind a lot? That's the beauty of chalk, from Woodstock Clock.

Here are some other great ones -

(Bingo clock: New York Clocks. Dali-style clock: Pragmatic Effects. Brownie camera clock: Roc 99. Ceramic clock: M Bart Studios.)

(Embroidery clock: LAM Designs. Owl clock: Decoy Lab. Nude in water clock: Jessilyn Joy. Hard drive clock: Pixel This.)

And how geek-tastic is this math clock?

(From Geek Gear.)

Who needs mass-produced when art like this exists? Have a good Thursday all.

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